A walk through the gardens of Valencia

In Valencia you will find much more than a large garden on the banks of the River Turia. Valencia has true oasis to relax: the botanical gardens, nurseries, Monforte Gardens, etc. They find places to enjoy beautiful fountains and statues and today I approach all of them:

Monforte Mansion and Garden

With an area of ​​approximately 12,000 square meters, is a garden to rest and meet the strictly aesthetic sense and naturalist. It found lots of beautiful statues and vases, soothing fountains and ornamental figures cropped plants, trees and shrubs of great beauty and antiquity, trimmed hedges and flower areas that make this garden one of the most beautiful in the city of Valencia .

Jardines de Viveros

The historical category of this garden, its size and careful landscaping, and the same abundance of sculptural monuments or otherwise enhancing their environment, make it the green heart of the city of Valencia. Also noteworthy for its large number and diversity of tree specimens, 2,769 specimens and 167 different plant species, contains exceptional individuals that make it worth visiting.

Botanical Garden

The green of the trees in the Botanical soft flowers and fragrances of lavender and rosemary white will make your visit an unforgettable experience. Take a Tour of the Muntanyeta or relax in Pau Carles Square after visiting the exhibition greenhouses warm is a different way to discover the city of Valencia slowly.

Garden of the Hesperides

Located in the Paseo de la Petxina, this garden includes a citrus collection composed of 50 different varieties, accompanied by Greek mythology sculptures and fountains.

Parterre Garden

Built on a plot of land existing in the old Plaza de la Aduana, the place considered by Martinez Aloy as the lowest of Valencia. The approximate date of construction of these gardens is the year 1850.

The Glorieta

The Glorieta is a park early nineteenth century, which had a wide extension. This garden has a playground and overgrown, with big trees that give the park thank shadows. This park is very central, so it always seems to be busy.


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