Christmas Valencia – Hello 2013!

Hola_2013If there is a special day among the 365 that form each year is undoubtedly the December 31, in just one year and start a new one.

The arrival of the new year brings about many feelings full of illusions and hopes, and of course a number of traditions:

  • The 12 lucky grapes. The brainchild of a group of growers in 1895 to dispose of a surplus production of grapes is undoubtedly the most repeated tradition in Spain. Are taken at the stroke of New Year’s Eve, a grape for each chime. It is believed that if we eat before the last bell, we will be fortunate throughout the new year.
  • Red underwear. A classic. No one knows where it comes from this custom, but it is believed to bring good luck.
  • Champagne or cava. The arrival of the new year requires a toast in style with a little Champagne or cava. They say if you do it with some gold tucked inside, you will attract good fortune.

By the clock of Puerta del Sol in Madrid, 35 seconds before midnight, a ball on top of the clock low, sounding a chime. After four bells sounding double representing the four quarters, and finally, at twelve o’clock noon chimes begin, one every three seconds.


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